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Behavioral Disturbances Assisted Living Facility

Treating mental health practices include dementia, psychosis, and other psychological disorders.

In Patient In-Home Care

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Out Patient Clinic Care

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Court Appointed Care

We work with the Arizona State system to help provide mental health care.

Rebuilding The Foundation Together

    Alpine Villa is the necessary first step towards a successful long-term recovery. In early recovery is it vital to receive treatment at a facility that is licensed to provide the higher levels of care needed to rebuild an individual’s foundation towards recovery. We hope to provide a new level of transparency regarding the treatment we provide in order to help guide you towards the best possible recovery start.

Alpine Villa is licensed to provide inpatient and residential drug and alcohol treatment services to men and women. Our Inpatient Rehab Stabilization Model will rebuild an individual’s foundation for recovery success. For the duration of programming, clients are in beautiful housing that provides a nurturing environment that promotes personal well-being and recovery.

Step 1 – Withdrawal Stabilization

Being safely and medically detoxed from the abused and harmful substance

Step 2 – Craving Stabilization

Where the foundation of understanding the underlying cause for the addiction is built

    Unless treated and stopped, alcoholism or drug addiction is a serious, progressive illness that can lead to mental, physical, and emotional pain and even death. Our treatment plan focuses on a recovery program concerned not just abstinence, but with improved quality of life and well being.

Our treatment program is based on the 12-step philosophy in tandem with an individualized evaluation and treatment plan for each person’s specific needs. Besides the goal to prevent relapse, we strive to help chemically dependent patients understand the disease of addiction by providing information about the physical, emotional, social, and legal consequences of alcohol and/or drug use.

Our Services & Expertise

Unexpected Mood Swings

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Mood swings can be normal, and are only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming, and interfere with daily living.

Stress & Anxiety

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Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur.

Someone to Talk To

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When you need someone to talk to. Free, schedule a appointment 9am to 4pm 5 days a week. Anonymous. Confidential. (602) 292-2010

Family Member Conflict

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Conflict can happen when family members have different views or beliefs that clash. Sometimes conflict can occur when people misunderstand each other and jump to the wrong conclusion.

Job Loss or Change

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While it is true that veterans experience high rates of trauma, there are many ways to experience trauma and job loss is one of them. Loss of safety and abrupt changes to your ‘normal’ are traumatic.


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A mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.

Irregular Sleep Cycles

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Symptoms of sleep-wake syndrome include irregular periods of sleep and wakefulness which disrupt the normal daily sleep-wake cycle. It may be caused by brain dysfunction or not following a normal sleep schedule, ultimately leading to a pattern of insomnia and frequent daytime napping.


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A disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.

Harmful Thoughts

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Thoughts that one might harm themselves or someone else on impulse. Individuals within this OCD subtype have no intent to hurt themselves or others and the intrusive thought or image often causes a significant amount of anxiety and disturbance for these individuals. Rituals for harm OCD may include reassurance seeking, confessing and avoidance behaviors in order to prevent the possibility of acting on impulse (such as: removing knives from the home, refusing to be around sharp objects, etc.).

Isolation & Loneliness

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Evidence links perceived loneliness and social isolation with depression, poor sleep quality, impaired executive function, accelerated cognitive decline, poor and degrading mental health.

Strained Relationships

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A strained relationship happens when your reactions to the issues in your intimate life are creating new conflicts outside of the relationship. It also doesn’t matter if the cause is coming from the outside.


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Addiction is a complex condition, a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence.

Just as everyone’s life journey is different, so is finding the best path to recovery.

That’s why we personalize our residential treatment program to meet the highly individualized needs of every client.

We believe that integrated behavioral health care—a holistic form of treatment that addresses your physical, psychiatric, social, and spiritual well-being, as well as your family relationships and education—is the most effective approach to achieving a healthy recovery.

If you’ve tried to get clean on your own, or tried and failed at other programs, you know how hard beating drugs and alcohol can be. That’s often because the underlying problems that caused your dependency are still there.

It is the mission of Alpine Villa:

To provide comprehensive and innovative services to the broadest range of the Arizona population who:

  • Abuse drugs
  • Abuse alcohol
  • Suffer from mental illness

To provide high quality, holistic treatment impacting all major life spheres: psychological, physical, social, family, educational, and spiritual.

To support personal rehabilitation, renewal, and family restoration.

In all of its activities, Alpine Villa undertakes to act as a responsible employer and member of the community, and manage the residents of the organization in a professional manner.


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